Detracktor Tablet Pouch

Detracktor Tablet Pouch
Blocks signals to and from your phone.
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Take back your privacy and protect your personal information. 

This RF (radio frequency) blocking pouch for tablets offers the same protection from intrusive invasions of your privacy as the Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch.  It is designed to accommodate most tablets including the iPad.  Place your tablet or other electronic devices inside the specially lined pocket to prevent eavesdropping, tracking and reading of your personal information. 

How does it work?  The Detracktor Tablet Pouch works by providing RF shielding. This is accomplished by having a conductive material encapsulate the tablet or other electronic device. The conductive material acts as a Faraday Cage which shields all RF signals from going into or out of the device or card.

The Detracktor Tablet Pouch features a main RF protected pocket that can accommodate a normal tablet.  It also has a smaller second pocket that is not RF protected for additional storage.

Aside from tablets, it will also work with other RF devices such as cell phones, GPS units and many other electronic devices.  It also protects your sensitive personal and financial information stored on RFID equipped identification cards such as driver's licenses, passports and credit cards.  Place them in the pouch while traveling to protect yourself from identity thieves. 

Dimensions:  Approximately 11" x 9" inches with flap closed.

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