Don't Tread On Me Bumper Sticker

Don't Tread On Me Bumper Sticker
To encourage activism, all bumper stickers are now sold at cost.
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To encourage grass roots activism, bumper stickers are now being sold at cost. Get yours today and begin awakening those around you.   Spread the word with these great-looking, full-sized bumper stickers. The sticker reads Don't Tread On Me and has a picture of the Gadsden flag rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. It also features our websites and to help direct the sheeple to Alex Jones' premier news websites. Share them with others or place them on your car, desk, window or anywhere it can grab people's attention.Black with white text. Measures 11.5 inches x 3 inches.

**Infowars Stickers are only intended for legal and lawful use. Please refrain from defacing any public property.  Respect your fellow citizens' private property rights and do not post stickers without prior consent.  Alex Jones and Free Speech Systems, LLC do not condone any illegal, prohibited or disrespectful use of stickers and are not liable for any damages resulting from the inappropriate use of these stickers.**

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