Filtered Water Pitcher

Filtered Water Pitcher
Filtered water pitcher by Clearly Filtered that reduces fluoride in a fridge-friendly design. Now Ships Out With The Latest Filter Technology by Clearly Filtered!

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Filtered water pitcher that reduces and removes fluoride. Now comes with the latest filter technology.  

Here are some of the key changes you should know about:


  • ALL-NEW FILTER INSIDE – The filter underwent a complete redesign that has allowed us to more than double the amount of our proprietary Fluoride Removal MediaTM and Lead Removal MediaTM
  • IMPROVED FILTER PERFORMANCE – Huge increases in performance on the contaminants that matter most like: Fluoride (98%), Lead (99%), Chromium-6 (99%), Arsenic (99%), Pharmaceutical Drugs (99%), Hormones (99%) & more!
  • ALL-New Filter Testing – Independent testing shows the filter’s performance on over 180+ of the most harmful contaminants. Click HERE to see the full report
  • New Flushing Tool – Completely redesigned with a lower profile for easier filter preparation (based on your recommendations)
  • New Filter Gasket – New gasket design featuring SafeSealTM technology to provide a secure connection and superior leak prevention
  • New FILTER Screen – A screen has been added just before the filter to keep unwanted debris from clogging up the filter

Clearly Filtered is at the forefront of providing clean water for everyday use.  The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher uses the most advanced filtration technology available and incorporates it into a fridge-friendly design. Now you can have cold, truly filtered water at your fingertips.  The filter is gravity fed so just fill up the reservoir and wait for the water to filter itself while it chills in the fridge.  Never has getting clean, great tasting tap water been any easier or more convenient.  

Click HERE for official test results.

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The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher blows away the mainline competition, see for yourself:

Clearly Filtered
Care Instructions:

The greatest part about Clearly Filtered products is the filter doesn't need to be cleaned.  The products are designed not to require regular maintenance. The material inside is made from medical grade plastic that prevents mold from growing inside the filter.

Clearly Filtered

Here are a couple suggestions to keep your filtered pitcher in tip-top shape:

  •     Do not use soap on the filter.
  •     Do not place filter in dishwasher.
  •     Do not place pitcher in freezer.
  •     Do not use with hot water.
  •     Do not use with salt water.

When to replace the filter? When the flow becomes restricted (approximately 100 gallons or 6 months, whichever comes sooner).


Here is a special sneak peak of the filter to show what is underneath the cover. 

Clearly Filtered

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