Bennington 76 Flag

Bennington 76 Flag
A 3x5 ft Bennington 76 polyester flag with 2 metal grommets.
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   Over the years, the United States has shown it's patriotism and pride in fighting against British tyranny with many different flags, but few are as iconic as the Bennington Spirit of '76 American flag. Used in the battle of Bennington, New York and carried  by Nathan Fillmore, this flag represents the 13 colonies and the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed. 

   With this flag, you can commemorate the spirit of those who fought in the original American battle against tyranny, and your purchase will go towards the Infowar and the new battle against tyranny. The flag is 3x5 feet with a polyester material and 2 metal grommets, making it perfect for rallies, placing outside you home, or leaving up inside your home to show you patriotism to all who visit. Make sure to buy this flag to show your support for the Spirit of '76 and find your fellow patriots and Infowarriors in the new battle against tyranny.


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