Infowars Waterproof Gear Bag

Infowars Waterproof Gear Bag
Simple, accessible, and water proof: the Infowars Waterproof Gear Bag is the perfect companion for any journey!
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     We all know what rain can do to a good bag. Soaking everything inside it and ruining the entire thing, most backpacks can't handle the strain of outdoor adventures, or even a quick run to work through the rain. That's why we made this Infowars Waterproof Gear Bag - to help you fight against the weather and secure everything you need! 

     The bag is the perfect companion for any trip, rain or shine. Any valuables that you may need, especially on outdoor trips, are conveniently kept safe and close. It's closing method ensures that water won't leak inside. The straps are also perfect for hooking onto other, larger bags or on your person! It's small size means that it can be stored almost anywhere - the car, at home, or right by your side at any time! 

     Featuring a simple black color with the Infowars logo, this bag will help you find your fellow Infowarriors in the wild while also keeping the contents safe and dry. Don't miss out on the perfect bag for any trip - grab the Infowars Waterproof Gear Bag today and start your next adventure! 


     Measures 14.5 in. X 10 in.

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