Readi Mask

Readi Mask

Particle mask with integrated eye protection.

Need something a little sturdier? Get the RZ M2 Air Filtration Mask in Mesh!   

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The Readi Mask is an easy to use, multi-purpose one-piece particle mask with eye protection.  Not only does it provide protection against fallout radiation particles but it can also be important protection in the event of a martial law/riot situations in which pepper spray and other air borne contaminants are used by New World Order agents. Watch the video, see how it works and decide for yourself.

The Readi Mask helps protect against certain aerosols (particulates) such as but not limited to dusts, bacteria, infectious aerosols and mold.  It provides 99% filtration protection exceeding N95 testing standards . It seals completely to face, minimizes eye contamination.  Compatible with eyeglasses. 

Features include:
  • Easy to apply, multi-purposed, full face respirator; no straps required.
  • Seals to the face to stop fallout particles and provides long wear eye protection against beta particles.
  • Compact making it easy to pack, carry and store.
  • Eye shield portion of the Readi mask reduces ones risk against acquiring infectious diseases via ocular exposure.

The Readi mask reduces your risk against airborne particles such as flu, mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, allergens, pollution, and smog. Inexpensive yet highly effective, take advantage of Infowars bulk pricing to save money and prepare for an uncertain future. 

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