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Investigating The Federal Income Tax: A Report To The American People

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You will be astounded to learn how Banister, a decorated IRS criminal investigator, was transformed from highly favored “fed” to enemy of the state. Is the federal income tax the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people? Why are the IRS and U.S. Department of Justice so hell-bent on preventing Banister’s investigative findings from reaching the American people? This book will tell you why and you won’t be able to resist sharing the details with every one you know!


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     Intended to help the people learn the truth about the Federal Income Tax, Investigating The Federal Income Tax: A Report To The American People will be your new guide to the tax crimes of the I.R.S. Inside, you will find all the knowledge of a years long investigation by a former I.R.S. special agent in letting you know what the constitutional flaws of the federal income tax system.

     Since making his living in the accounting and tax professions for over 10 years, Joe Banister hsa believed that the ethics of his profession and duty as a citizen required that he investigate further into the truth behind the federal income tax system. What he found will shock you as he guides you through a detailed history, legal statuses, individual officials and more.

     While Joe Banister began this investigation as an attempt to satisfy his curiousity about certain allegations regarding the federal income tax, what he found surprised even hiim - the allegations against the federal income tax had merit. Finally, he's bringing light to the issue and releasing to the American People his report on the Federal Income Tax as the must read book of the year for any true Patriot.

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