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Kaito KA390 AM/FM/SW and NOAA Band Radio

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This radio includes a flashlight and a high capacity battery PLUS an AC jack for 110V power.

Retail: $29.95

Now: $24.95

Savings: $5.00 ( 16.69% )

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Kaito KA390 AM/FM/SW and NOAA Band Radio

This is a high quality and popular radio that Kaito made in the new year of 2017. It has AM, FM, Shortwave and Weather bands that covers all the USA and Canada. The extraordinary long telescopic antenna gives the best gain on the weakest signals, picking up stations from all around the country. To make it more useful, we've added a super bright LED flashlight. The 6V DC input jack is convenient for people who want to use it in a garage that runs all day long. ( AC adapter is sold separately).

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