Legalize Freedom Flag T-Shirt

Legalize Freedom Flag T-Shirt

Stand up to tyranny with the Infowars Legalize Freedom American flag t-shirt. Select your size to see your savings!

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Everyday, our freedoms and civil liberties are coming under attack. This black t-shirt features the simple yet powerful design of a tattered American flag with prison-style barbed wire and the motto Legalize Freedom. The back also reads Legalize Freedom behind barbed wire with our website underneath.

It's time we fought against the New World Order's lies to preserve our rights and keep our freedoms. Every day, the New World Order places our rights under threat because they don't want us to have our freedoms that we are given. That's why this shirt will help you make a statement - no one can take away your rights. No matter how big the government gets, how intrusive the New World Order tries to be, or how hard they try, you won't be giving your rights away. 

Perfect for meeting your fellow Patriots, buying this shirt can be the first step to supporting the Infowar and fighting against the Main Stream Media, corrupt government, and New World Order. Defeat the lies and stand up for freedom with the Legalize Freedom Shirt from the Infowars Store!

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