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MAG-BAR Pistol Mounting System: XL

Quick Overview

Using strong neodymium magnets, the Mag Bar XL is the perfect way to conceal or hold your firearms for up to 50 pounds!

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MAG-BAR XL is a magnetic mounting system that utilizes strong neodymium magnets to attach firearms to almost any surface. MAG-BAR XL is non-marring and ideal to use under your desk, concealed inside your vehicle, secured to your night stand, or even display firearms inside gun safes. No screws or special tools are needed for installation. 

The MAG-BAR XL magnet is so powerful it can magnetically attach to your firearm through any cloth, plastic, Kydex, and leather holster. Ideal for rifles and holstered pistols. Holds up to 50 lbs.


Mounting Options

  • Screwless Application using industrial 3M Adhesive Tape for Mounting Plate.  
  • 4 Screws for Mounting Plate. Ideal for upholstered surfaces. 
  • 2 Screws for Eyelets on MAG-BAR XL. Ideal for contoured surfaces. 
  • Magnetically attach MAG-BAR XL directly to metal surfaces. 


2 PACK MAG-BAR XL Mounting System Includes:  

  • 1 MAG-BAR XL (Neodymium Magnet) 
  • 1 Mounting Plate (Metal Plate) 
  • 1 3M Double Sided Adhesive Tape 
  • 1 3M Adhesive Primer and Applicator 
  • 1 Alcohol Prepping Wipe
  • 4 Mounting Screws
  • 1 Mounting Template
  • 1 Set of Instructions

Safety First

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Safety First


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