Molon Labe Hoodie

Molon Labe Hoodie
Come and take this high quality hoodie. Made in the USA.
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By popular demand, we are proud to introduce the Infowars Molon Labe Hoodie

This dark grey, hooded, pullover sweatshirt features the Infowars Molon Labe design.   Distressed gold ink design combines both classic Greek/Spartan imagery with modern M16 assault rifles.  It has Molon Labe printed across the top with Infowars at the bottom in an ancient Greek inspired font.

Molon Labe is ancient Greek for "come and take it" and traces its roots back to the famous Spartan Battle of Thermopylae of 300 lore.  This classical expression of defiance has continued throughout the ages and inspired the famous Come and Take It flag during the Texas Revolution.  To this day it continues as a rallying cry against the attempts to take away our Second Amendment rights. 

The Molon Labe Hoodie is part of the
Made In 1776 line of American made products.  Printed on a high quality, Made in the USA hooded sweatshirt made from 55% Cotton, 39% Polyester, 6% Rayon with a kangaroo front pocket.  Stay warm and comfortable as you join with us to support the Second Amendment and defend our freedoms.  Tell tyrants and patriots alike that if someone is trying to take your rights that they will have to come and take it.

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