Molon Labe Pin

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Handcrafted in the USA from high quality queens metal pewter.

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The Infowars Molon Labe Pin is a great for denim jackets, biker vests, or hats but can also be used on a more formal lapel. It is handcrafted in the USA from high quality queens metal pewter. Features a detail Spartan helmet framed by the words Molon Labe. Has two brass butterfly clasps to make sure your pin stays securely fastened.

These pins are cast in queens metal pewter which has no lead pewter. It has a small percent of silver in the alloy for strength and a nice "white" color when finished.

Molon Labe is ancient Greek for "come and take it" and has been a battle cry against tyranny throughout the ages. Get this hand-crafted pin and show your support the Second Amendment. Let everyone know that if they want your guns then they will have to come and take it.

Measures 1.25" by 1.75".
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