No Trespassing - US Flag Shirt

No Trespassing - US Flag Shirt

Keep the illegal immigrants out and show your support for a border wall with this No Trespassing Shirt from Infowars!

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     As more and more Californians and illegal immigrants spill over the border every day, it's time you and your fellow Infowarriors showed your support for a southern wall to defend our border! 

     The No Tresspassing US Flag Shirt features a bold design of the U.S. Flag made out of barbed wire for a strong sense of protection. With the phrase No Trespassing across the front, the message is clear - no more illegal immigration is welcome! The shirt also features 2 fan-favorite Infowars logos, one on each sleeve - the Infowars Hexagon logo and the flag logo. Across the back is the most important message for all Texas - deport the liberal Californians before they ruin our state!

     Show the Californians and illegal immigrants that you're serious about preserving our borders and keeping immigration legal with the "No Trespassing - US Flag Shirt" today!

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