Obama Tyrant T-Shirt

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Updated "Tyrant" version of the Obama Joker T-Shirt.

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Updated "Tyrant" version of the infamous Obama Joker shirt. 

Gun grabbing, executive orders, undeclared wars, NDAA, and escalating drone attacks are just a few of the many ways Obama has proved himself a tyrant.  Alert the public to Obama's blatant abuse of power.  It is time to publicly call him out for what he is--a tyrant. 

This captivating shirt features the notorious image of Obama in the famous Joker make-up.  It has the phrase "Tyrant" along with "Infowars.com" at the top.  The back includes the Second Amendment as a gun image with the phrase "Come And Take It" and Infowars.com.  Printed on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt. 

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