It's OK To Be OK Politically Incorrect Designer Snapback Hat

It's OK To Be OK Politically Incorrect Designer Snapback Hat

Sold for as high as 34.95 in department stores, this high-quality, lightweight sporty hat is one of Alex's favorites! Exercise your free speech and free expression today and say it's OK to be OK!

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The new "It's OK to be OK" Politically Incorrect Designer Snapback Hat is now available! 

We can win the Information War by not allowing globalist drones to warp an age-old symbol of good vibes!

 This high-quality, lightweight sporty hat is one of Alex's favorites. Remember, the thought police at the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center have branded this OK hand sign as a hate symbol despite it being used for decades as simply a symbol for ‘OK,’ which many world leaders, including former President Obama, have been photographed displaying.

 Used in scuba, the military, law enforcement and sign language, the OK hand sign is an important part of communication. 

 It’s more important now than ever before to defend language and free expression against those who know good and damn well it isn’t a symbol of hate, but rather the international symbol of everything being A-OK!

 George Orwell wrote about a future authoritarian society where the government attacks every symbol and form of language to reduce it down to where people can't even communicate anymore, and are paralyzed by fear of using the wrong term or symbol. The way to counter the authoritarian, anti-free speech lobby is with even more speech and expressions, and we won't let the ADL and others designate something that is literally OK as something bad.

  And who could forget that Chicago Cubs fan who got banned from Wrigley Field for flashing this harmless symbol?

Chicago Cubs Fan OK Sign

 It's all about power, and these people want to tell you which symbols you can use - it's time to exercise your free speech and free expression in their face for not just your fellow Americans, but people around the world. The global corporatists are systematically attacking language, cultures and borders - fight back with this incredible new design!

 Remember, by enforcing ridiculous standards, the world’s power brokers are able to control the masses!

 The hat costs us $10 to product, and we're selling it for an insanely good deal at 19.95, so make sure you save big and get the hat today!

 Lead by example and help those who are paralyzed from fear by ordering it today!

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