Patriot Pantry Pizza Kit

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Add variety and flavor to your storable food supply with this Survival Pizza Kit! 

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     Even for those of us who know the real importance of survival and emergency preparation, you can only eat mac and cheese so many times. That's why it's so important to add variety and fun to your preparedness food supply! 

     With the Infowars Life Select Survival Pizza Kit, you can do just that! Fun, hearty and easy to make, this kit adds the perfect variety and setup for some familiarity. From pizza on the fly for camping, to a relaxing family fan-favorite meal in an emergency, this kit is a must have for anyone trying to upgrade their food supply! 

     With each kit, you'll get 10 pizzas worth of perfect crust, rich pizza sauce and smooth, melty mozzarella. Just prepare the pizza, put it all together, bake it and enjoy! You can even be more creative and add fresh toppings from your garden or other kits for the perfect pizza! 

     When you're ready to bake, you don't even need a conventional oven - throw it on the grill for a perfect sear! Every time you eat one of the pizza meals, you can rest assured that you are saving money and staying prepared. Secure your food future and make sure you're ready for anything today! 

Warning: This product only ships within the United States.

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