Stove In A Can - Emergency Survival Stove With 4 Fuel Disks

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Anything You Cook On a Stove, You Can Cook on The Stove In A Can!


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25-Year Guaranteed Shelf Life | Supports Up-To 300lbs.

The Stove In A Can was designed so that anything you cook on a stove you can cook on the Stove In A Can. Fully self contained, all-in-one, double patented, Stove in a can is not just for Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Backpacking or Tailgaters.  Use it in Power Outages, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Eathquakes, and Flooding.

Soot from cooking remains on the inside of the can while the outside remains clean - unused fuel cells and metal components can be securely and portably stored inside the can after use and then used again later.

This cooking platform makes for the ideal recreational and emergency stove.

Contains 4 safe non-explosive fuel cells, each one burns for more then an hour. You start by placing the coilded fuel ring on the bottom of the can, next place one fuel cell on it & Lite it. Next insert cooking ring in the groove on top of Can. It's ready to cook. Make sure you secure the means to cook in any emergency, stow a Stove In A Can anywhere you need to be prepared! Stores safely long-term for cooking or boiling water when an emergency hits and power goes out - an essential component of any food storage / preparation plan.

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