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Survival Watch V3 Military Grade Paracord | Compass | Whistle and Fire Starter

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Being prepared for the unexpected is now as simple as wearing the paracord Survival Watch on your wrist. No outdoor accessory offers the same flexibility and quality the patent-pending Survival WATCH. Lightweight and durable, a Survival WATCH paracord watch is a clever, cost-effective tool that has it all. 

Retail: $49.95

Now: $34.95

Savings: $15.00 ( 30.03% )

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Retail: $49.95

Now: $34.95

Savings: $15.00 ( 30.03% )

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Introducing the most unique survival gear product, the Survival WATCH! Survival WATCH® is a patent pending survival gear accessory unlike anything on the market - period. This is the only paracord watch to offer a patent-pending buckle system containing a high quality compass, magnesium fire starter + scraper, and whistle.

In addition to the buckle, the adjustable paracord band is 100% unique and patent-pending, and offers 12+ ft of 550-lb military spec. paracord, plus a comfortable fit that is ADJUSTABLE to wrist sizes 7-10 inches (99% of wrists).

Whether you are hunting, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, or just want to be prepared, this is the ultimate survival gear accessory.


- Highest Quality Hand-made Design - Patent-Pending

- 550-lb Military Grade Nylon Paracord Band - Adjustable to Wrist Sizes 7-10 inches

- Magnesium Flint-Rod Fire-starter with Scraper - Start a fire in SECONDS

- 150db Emergency Whistle & High Quality Compass

- Water Resistant to 5 ATM* - Can Be Submerged for up tp 15 Minutes

- Luminous  analog display - Perfect for night viewing


- Wear the Comfortable Paracord Watch to be prepared 24/7! 
- Not Bulky like other watches - Plus ADJUSTABLE to your perfect wrist size! 
- Use the Stainless steel fire-striker and rod to start a fire. 
- Unravel paracord to use as rope for shelter, trapping, fishing, and more! 
- Blow the emergency whistle to alert rescuers. 
- Use the High-Quality Compass to find your way home. 
- *5 ATM Water resistant (shower with it, and submerge it for up to 15 min) 
- Perfect Survival Gear for the Outdoor Enthusiast, Hunter, Camper, Military, Prepper, & more! 
- Paracord Rope is Waterproof & Mildew Resistant! Adjusts to 99% of Wrist Sizes! 
- 100% Unique Patent Pending Design!


- Secure a tent or tarp or shelter.
- Create a trap/snare for capturing animals for food.
- Split the cord - Use the inner threads for fishing line.
- Make netting for capturing fish.
- Split the cord - Use the inner threads for sewing or stitches.
- Hang your hunting kill (use as rope) to get it off the ground.
- Make a wound tourniquet.
- Secure a splint or sling for your arm.
- Make an belt/suspenders.
- Use it as emergency shoe-lace.
- Make a tow-line.
- String a clothes-line.
- Make a hammock.
- Make a sack for carrying gear.
- Hang tools from your body or backpack.
- Create a trip-wire or trap.
- Split the cord - Use the inner threads for dental floss.
- Hang food in trees to keep animals away.
- Create makeshift hand cuffs
- Use inner threads as tinder to start a fire.
- Use as handle wrap for knives and other weapons.
- Use it as a trail marker.
- Use as lashing to build a raft.
- Use it as string for a makeshift bow & MORE!

Highest Quality Hand-made Design - Patent-Pending SURVIVAL WATCH

Life Saving Features



Survival WATCH is a multi-functional survival accessory that differs from all other similar products on the market.

Endless Outdoor Uses



The Survival WATCH can start fires, alert nearby rescuers, navigate you home, and more.

Be Prepared For The Unknown



The Survival Watch® can be worn on the wrist and be used as a watch for every day use; doubling as a handy survival tool should the need for one arise.

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