Infowars Webcam Cover Security Pack

Infowars Webcam Cover Security Pack
Infowars Sliding Webcam Cover Security Pack
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Turn Out The Lights On Those Who Are Watching!

Get the Infowars Sliding Webcam Security Cover Pack

Webcam Cover

      It's simple - people can easily hack into your phone and watch you through your camera. When it comes down to it, there'snot much defense unless you're well experienced in computers or technology. But we're offering a much more simple way to defend your technology against prying eyes - sliding webcam covers

     Stylish and simple, these sliding webcam cover for your laptop, tablet and phone easily apply on your device to defend you against those who might be watching. Just peel, stick, and slide over the camera when not in use to guarantee your safety! Small and affordable, they make a perfect gift for loved ones, relatives, or stocking stuffers! 

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Protects your webcam from scratches. Made from high-grade durable plastic.

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