Bug-Out Heirloom Seed Vault

Bug-Out Heirloom Seed Vault

Grow up to 15,000 lbs. of food with the all new Bug-Out Seed Vault from Heirloom Organics!

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More valuable than gold or silver, this pack of survival seeds from Heirloom Organics at the Infowars Store will help you survive an incoming emergency should you need to relocate. When food is scarce, the Heirloom Organics Bug-Out Heirloom Seed Vault will help you grow up to 15,000 pounds of food to feed 6-8 people around you and help you build up a homestead! It's convenient size makes it a perfect addition to your bug-out bag checklist or relocation kit, and the survival seed pack can be placed in any container to help you build up your life again whenever you need it. 

Our survival seeds that we offer are 100% non-GMO, non-hybrid and heirloom survival seeds that will help you grow all the survival food you need whether you're planting at home or having to relocate and feed yourself for years. Even with emergency survival food kits, it's important that we're able to think beyond the short term and into the long term of homesteading and growing your own food supply to take care of yourself and your famliy. With the Heirloom Organics Bug-Out Heirloom Seed Vault, you can easily take care of friends and loved ones around you for years with healthy, natural heirloom seeds for your garden. With it's size and ease of access included, this survival seed pack is an easy answer to small storage with big potential. 

Take control of your food supply and security with this survival seed pack. When the grocery store shelves run empty, you'll be ready to go with our 32 varieties of seeds to bring you flavor, nutrients, and added health benefits. You'll be the envy of all around you when your garden flourishes with our healthy heirloom seeds. And when the emergency strikes, you'll be ready. 

The Heirloom Organics Bug-Out Heirloom Seed Vault contains 32 Varieties of seeds for a total amount over 20,000 seeds. 100% Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid and Heirloom. Keep in your bug-out bag or use today to create a home garden for years to come. Varieties are chosen to be growable anywhere in the U.S. for maximum flexibility for any relocation point or home garden across our great nation.

Make sure you're ready for your homesteading with a perfect guide to canning and preparing as well as food to last while your harvest grows

  • 32 Varieties
  • 20,000 + seeds
  • Feeds 6-8 people
  • Moisture proof
  • 4 mil Mylar Packaging
  • 100% Non-hybrid, Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds

Seeds Included:

  • Bush Bean - For the flavor of delicious fresh grean beans, these season-long beans can be planted every three weeks for continuous harvest. Sample multiple varieties together and store the surplus. Make sure to allow 8' of row per person and some space between! Bush beans prefer full sun to grow they're best. - approx. 22 Seeds
  • Lima Bean - Excellent for their large yields, these lima beans seeds will grow strong for storing or freezing. An excellent choice for home gardens, don't forget to set up a strong pole or trellis to support them! - approx. 17 Seeds
  • Beet - Nearly globe shaped, these beet seeds are great for their medicinal value, delicious when cooked properly, and great for canning. Last approximately 60-65 days before reaching peak ripeness. - approx. 181 Seeds
  • Broccoli - Always a crowd favorite and high in nutritious value, broccoli tastes best when grown in cool weather, and is best planted and eaten in spring and fall. - approx. 353 Seeds
  • Brussels Sprouts - An important southern ingredient, sow these seeds indoors for 6-8 weeks before last frost about 1/4 inch deep. Brussel sprouts are slow-growing and season long vegetables that require regular water, so make sure to keep up with it! - approx. 282 Seeds
  • Cabbage - Cabbage is reliable in every situation, but works best as a cool season crow when daytime temperatures are in the 60s. Plant them in the fall for winter storage or sauerkraut! - approx. 847 Seeds
  • Cantaloupe - These heat-loving melons are difficult to grow in colder regions, but in short seasons, you can start them in side warm soil to protect them with fabric row covers, or plant them during the summer. - approx. 25 Seeds
  • Carrots - Make sure to pay careful attention to the soil that makes these carrots grow! Plant them in deep soil with a fine surface and weed them carefully to keep the soil cool and your carrots long. - approx. 1761 Seeds
  • Cauliflower - A difficult cabbage family vegetable, cauliflower grows best in moderate and constant temperatures. A great substitute for rice and a beautiful addition to your garden or homestead survival seed kit. - approx. 610 Seeds
  • Celery - Hard to grow in certain aread, celery is best started inside to germinate from there. A perfect addition to a homestead or survival kit due to it's ability to grow from a starter! approx. 3086 Seeds
  • Collards - Another southern classic, collards are improved by frost and cold weather, but are also the most heat tolerant of cole and cabbage related crops. - approx. 1411 Seeds
  • Corn - Corn demands fertile soil, constant moisture and warm weather, but if those conditions are met, is a plentiful vegetable for any garden or homestead survival kit! - approx. 26 Seeds
  • Cucumber - For both pickling and slicing, cucumbers are easy to grow if you give them their due attention and full sun. - approx. 45 Seeds
  • Eggplant - A beautiful and hearty addition to your homestead or bug out bag survival seed kit, eggplnt is a heat loving vegetable that takes two months for good production. - approx. 102 Seeds
  • Kale - Whether you eat these leaves raw or cooked, the hardy winter harvest is a perfect addition to any meal. - approx. 296 Seeds
  • Leaf Lettuce - A garden classic, lettuce grows great in spring or fall, and can even grow in summer. - approx. 2370 Seeds
  • Butterhead Lettuce -  A garden classic, lettuce grows great in spring or fall, and can even grow in summer. - approx. 2370 Seeds
  • Romaine Lettuce -  A garden classic, lettuce grows great in spring or fall, and can even grow in summer.  - approx. 1580 Seeds
  • Mustard - An easy addition to salads and other meals, mustard greens grow well in warm weather and appropriate shade. - approx. 2540 Seeds
  • Okra - Perfect for just before the last frost, you can grow okra inside or outside for a bountiful harvest and a pleasant crunch addition to most meals. - approx. 53 Seeds
  • Onion - One of th emost basic and important ingreidents in a chef's arsenal, onions (or early harvested green onions) need rich, drained soil and good weed control to reach their potential.- approx. 141 Seeds
  • Pea - Best when eaten immediately after harvest, peas grow best over the spring or early summer when temperatures are between 60-70 F. - approx. 25 Seeds
  • Pepper - Somewhat difficult to grow in colder regions, these sweet and hot pepper varietyes grow well in full sun and warm weather. - approx. 45 Seeds
  • Pumpkin - The best addition to any bug out bag survival kit or homesteading location, pumpkin has a longgrowing season when planted in fertile soil. - approx. 16 Seeds
  • Radish - Easy to grow and harvest in just 3-6 weeks, radishes make a perfect survival seed mix for the bug out bag owner who doesn't intend to stay in one place for long. - approx. 367 Seeds
  • Spinach - This easy to grow and nutritious crop is best in cool seasons, but is quick to turn bitter as the weather warms. - approx. 132 Seeds
  • Zucchini - Zucchini is best for the limited amount of space that it takes to truly yield a good harvest, and does great when placed next to other squash varieties. - approx. 25 Seeds
  • Summer Squash - Summer squash comes in a variety of colors and shapes, but their bush varieties can take very little space to allow your homestead survival seed garden to flourish. - approx. 10 Seeds
  • Winter Squash - Winter squash grows a large yield, but takes up a large amount of space. But, as the name mentions, these squash varieties MUST be planted during the winter. - approx. 29 Seeds
  • Swiss Chard - Much like it's more traditional chard cousin, the leaves and stalk of chard last through summer, but prefr cool weather. - approx. 106 Seeds
  • Tomato - The most popular vegetable crop and addition to survial seed kits, tomatoes cna come in a wide range of sizes and are best in early harveset or cool conditions. - approx. 176 Seeds
  • Turnip - A fast growing spring crop, turnips are best harvested while the weather is still cool. The greens are perfect raw or as a cooked addition to meals! - approx. 1250 Seeds

International Customers: Import laws vary from country to country. Please consult your government's laws and regulations regarding seed importation. INFOWARS SHOP is not responsible for any delays, quarantines, fees, penalties or destruction of product resulting from the attempt to ship seeds out of the United States.

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