City Survival Seed Vault

City Survival Seed Vault
21 Varieties, over 21,000 seeds, specially designed for small spaces.
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Food security for small spaces. Don't wait for an emergency!

Growing a Survival Garden indoors, in windows, on balconies and rooftops is easier than you think and it just might be your best chance! Our expert square foot gardeners designed the City Survival Seed Vault with the perfect seeds for small space food production.

How the Heirloom Organics experts designed the City Survival Seed Vault:

  • Many leafy greens that require little light & space and can be harvested within weeks if not days of planting.
  • Superfood varieties high in Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Beta Carotene, and other vital nutrients.
  • Varieties that are nutrient dense with strong flavors providing the best in taste and health benefits.
  • Varieties that can be grown inside, on tables, in windows, on balconies, rooftops, fire-escapes, walls, even ceilings.
  • Varieties that can be eaten quickly and at all staged of growth: Micro-Greens, Baby Veg. and full-grown.
  • High seed count for extra security. 


Included Seeds:

Alfalfa (Sprouting Seeds) -- 3,125
Beans, Pole -- 34
Beets  -- 320
Cabbage -- 1,200
Clover (Sprouting Seeds) -- 4,531
Cress -- 1,469
Collards -- 1,000
Cucumber -- 51
Kale, Blue Scotch -- 938
Kale, Dwarf Siberian -- 750
Lettuce, Looseleaf -- 1,120
Lettuce, Buttercrunch -- 560
Lettuce, Romaine -- 1,201
Mustard -- 600
Parsley -- 906
Pea -- 45
Radish -- 520
Spinach -- 375
Swiss Chard -- 190
Tomato -- 100
Turnip  -- 2,215                  
Total Seeds: 21,250

These seeds are chosen by square foot gardening experts for the best results in small-space, low-light gardening. They are 100% Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Heirloom and are the freshest seeds from this year's harvest grown in the USA. Heirloom Organics prepare the seeds with USDA-developed moisture-reduction before hermetically sealing in air-tight mylar and buckets which provides up to double the shelf-life of many other seeds. This is a great package to gain your food security in an apartment or other small urban living space. 

International Customers: Import laws vary from country to country. Please consult your government's laws and regulations regarding seed importation. INFOWARS SHOP is not responsible for any delays, quarantines, fees, penalties or destruction of product resulting from the attempt to ship seeds out of the United States.

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