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Introducing the Infowars Premium Power Pack – Supercharged.

This conveniently sized device can run or charge all of your electronic devices.  Get the power you need, wherever you go, whenever you need it.  This rechargeable battery pack even has the power to jump start almost any vehicle with the included jumper cables! The Infowars Premium Power Pack is a must have for your automobile, shop, camping supplies, emergency preparedness and to keep in your bugout bag.

Portable power bank for electronic devices:

This is a multifunctional car emergency jump starter with high capacity battery and has multiple outputs to charge your electronic devices.  Not only can it jump an engine, it can power and run your phone, laptop computer and most other electronic devices.  No need to worry about the battery anymore when traveling or when the power goes out during the next big storm. 

LED torch function for emergency lighting:

The Infowars Premium Power Pack has a high brightness LED lamp which illuminates to a 100 meter distance.  It has a 120 hours continuous light time and several light modes:  flashlight, strobe and SOS distress signal.  If you have ever had to change a tire late at night, you already know how valuable having an emergency light source can be.  With special designed shock absorbing durable case, it is perfect for outdoors adventures and late-night emergencies. 

High efficiency jump starter for emergency starting:

The multifunctional car emergency jump starter with high capacity and special ignition clamp to jump start motorized vehicles such as cars, boats, ATVs and much more. It even comes with jumper cables. 

The Infowars Premium Power Pack includes:

1x Power bank
1x Jumper Cable wire
1x Four-in-one data cable (micro USB connector, mini USB connector, iPhone4 joints, iphone5 joints)
1x US regulatory power
1x Car charger
1x English user manual
1x Plastic protective case

This device has a 14,000mAh power bank with 3 USB outputs and an LED indicator showing the status, the percentage of charge remaining, and output voltage. With its unique thin, compact and portable design, it can jump start your car over 1,000 times.  It is compatible with cars, mobile phones, PSP, MP3 / MP4 / MP5, Tablet PCs, PDAs, laptops, and other digital devices.

When plugged into a standard wall outlet, the Infowars Premium Power Pack charges in about 5 hours.  It can also be charged by your automobile with the included 12 volt DC adapter.  It includes a row of indicator lights that shows how much charge you have and depending on conditions, a full charge can last from 3 to 6 months. 

It's the perfect backup power device for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, picnicking, boating, motorcycling, beach activities, off-the-grid adventures and most importantly, it lets you stay supercharged during an emergency.  The Infowars Premium Power Pack is a must have and provides peace of mind at home and on the go.  

Additional Info

Capacity:  14000mAh

Cycle life: above 1000 times

Output voltage at auto start end:  12 v

USB output:  5V=2. 1A/1A

Start current:  200A

Fully charged time:  4 hours

Size: 160 x 75 35 mm

LED life:  100,000 hour

Peak current:  400A

Charge mode:  CC/CV  15V/1A


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