Infowars Privacy Pouch

Infowars Privacy Pouch

Protect yourself from the Globalist Contact Tracers! An easy, comfortable and stylish way to keep your personal info clear of invaders and thieves.

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     In the search to continue to keep your information safe, we're proud to bring you a privacy protection pouch that keeps your phone safe from watching eyes. With more people than ever, from government agencies to identity thieves, looking to track your every move and word through your cell phone signal, it's more important than ever to make sure you can keep your info safe.

     To ensure your health, privacy, security and more, this Infowars Privacy Pouch is a new must-have for any safety minded Infowarrior. Available in four stylish colors, the soft material protects your phone from microwaves, RFs, EMFs, E-fields and more. No longer will you be subject to data hacking or identity theft through your phone - now, you can shut out the outside invaders by simply putting your phone inside the special material sewn into the fabric to create a complete Faraday enclosure.

     Created to thwart threats to your privacy, safety and personal info, the special design provides RF shielding to keep signals from going in and out of your device while protecting it. With safety from tracking, eavesdropping and identity theft, you can walk comfortably knowing your info is safe. 

     Stop the bugging and tracking of your cell phone while protecting your identity and security today with the Infowars Privacy Pouch!

Product measures 6 1/4"x 4 1/2".

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