The Secure Home

The Secure Home
Architectural design, construction and remodeling of self-sufficient residences and high security retreats.
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How secure is your home?

The Secure Home (3rd edition, softcover, 674 pages) by Joel M. Skousen will help you answer this very pressing question. More importantly he provides the answers in this detailed book.

Securing your home and protecting your family requires more than simply installing solid door locks and a security system. Unfortunately most people do not discover this fact until after disaster strikes.

To illustrate, take the following quiz about the security of your home:

1. How would you keep your house from freezing in the winter if electricity were unavailable for a long period of time? Do you have some type of wood burning heater? What about hot water?

2. Do you have back-up cooking facilities if an earthquake made natural gas unavailable for a month or two? Could you heat hot water?

3. What if you lose both electricity and gas?

4. Would you be willing to rely on batteries and candles for illumination if a major power outage lasted more than a week?

5. Do you have extra tanks of potable water should public water supplies be cut off or contaminated? Would you know how to collect and filter your own water if none was available for a long time?

6. If a winter storm damaged windows in your home, would you have sufficient plastic sheeting and repair materials to quickly enclose the open areas to retain heat?

 If you answered "No" to any one of the above questions, your home is NOT secured, and your family is NOT protected. The Secure Home will provide you with detailed explanations on how to prepare and secure your residence for both short and long term emergencies.
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