Radiological (RAD) Replacement Filter

Radiological (RAD) Replacement Filter
Replacement filter for RAD Eliminator Bottle
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   This replacement filter for the Clearly Filtered 28oz RAD Eliminator Sport Bottle will help you ensure that your water is clean, healthy, and free from radiation. Thanks to the important process used in making these filters, they have been independently certified to remove Radon 222, Radium Uranium, Plutonium, and Cesium 137 from your water to guarantee that you can stay at the pinnacle of health and trust your water. 

   Buy now to make sure that your water meets the necessary and important standards of being radiation-free. Additionally, your purchase will go on to support Alex Jones and the Infowars team in their fight against tyranny and the Deep State that puts the radiation and poisons inside our food and water!


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