ProMax™ Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge

ProMax™ Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge
This is the replacement shower filter cartridge for the ProMax™ shower filter.

Looking for the standard shower filter for this replacement filter? Get it here.   
Want a chrome finish to your shower filter? Try the Propur Chrome!   
Want an antique bronze style to your shower filter? Try the Propur Antique Bronze!

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Take a shower with the new Propur™ high efficiency ProMax™ shower filter with massage head and experience the difference. Features 4 stage filtration process utilizing new RF water filter element technology. Helps protect your skin from unhealthy effects of contaminants that may be in your water. Independent lab test shows the ProMax™ shower filter helps reduce over 200 contaminants including VOC’s, heavy metals, pesticides, Chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and odor. Helps control scale, algae and bacteria. The ProMax™ comes with a triple function swivel massage shower head rated at 2.5 gpm. The ProMax™ is made from ABS plastic and is BPA free. Best operated at 80 psi and 115º F. Up to 9 month filtration capacity.

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