Propur Home System

Propur Home System

Keeping Your Home Toxin Free Starts From The Ground Up.

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Keeping Your Home Toxin Free Starts From The Ground Up

                We all know how dangerous the toxins that get pumped into the environment around us can be. And while many of us may have water filtration systems or pitchers, it often becomes even more of a hassle to keep up with your water needs. Sure, you could buy a water filter or water filtration system for every faucet in the house while having several for everyday drinking use, but who has that kind of space?

                That’s why Propur® created a system to help you keep your water clean from the very beginning – the Propur® Home! This advanced 4 stage compact filtration system will provide water filtration for your entire home, removing 220+ contaminants in your water. The great tasting water with broad spectrum contaminant reduction means that you only have to buy one filtration system to meet all your in-home water needs. It’s compact in size, easy to install and maintain, and keeps fluoride and other dangerous toxins out of your water supply.  

 It’s time you got the one water filtration system you’ll ever need to keep up with your daily water usage with the Propur Home today! Clean your water and fight back against the toxins to take back your home.

The Propur® HOME system includes:

  • 3 stage/tank configuration with rack
  • 1 stage ElectroCharged™ Sub-micron filter assembly with bracket
  • 3/4” push fit quick connectors
  • Additional 3/4” tubing
  • Optional pre-sediment filter available - Professional installation is recommended!


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