Propur Solid Stainless Steel Spigot

Propur Solid Stainless Steel Spigot
New and improved stainless steel spigot.
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Comes standard with your purchase of any ProPur water filtration system.

Introducing the all new Propur Solid Stainless Steel Spigot.  Sleek design, easy to use and install, and built to last; the new spigot features a high volume flow rate--you can now fill a 16oz glass in just seconds.  The built-in stopping points are another major upgrade providing you with precise on and off positions.  Also, the special shaped rubber washers are designed to create a tight seal and prevent any leaks.

Already have a Propur unit?  This is your opportunity to upgrade and enjoy all the benefits of the new Propur Solid Stainless Steel Spigot. 

Check out the 7.5 Inch Propur Sight Glass Spigot if you want to easily monitor the water level in your Propur unit.  The float ball indicator makes it simple to view the water level and know when it is time to refill.


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