Propur Wire Stand - Nomad

Propur Wire Stand - Nomad
Convenient 5" tall wire stand for use with Propur Nomad systems. .

Get the Propur Nomad Water Filtration system here!   

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Easier Access To Fresher, Healthier Water

Without proper elevation, it can be difficult to take advantage of the massive benefits your Propur Nomad Water Filtration System can provide for you. While the process is always effective in providing you with clean, fresh water and removing all toxins, you run the risk of knocking it off the edge you keep it on. 

Don't run the risk of damaging your Propur Nomad - get a stylish upgrade and easily use your Propur Nomad at any time or place! This Wire Stand for the Propur Nomad Water Filtration System raises your Propur 5" off the ground, making it easy to puta mug or glass underneath the spout anywhere you would like to place your Propur! 

Don't be restricted to edges or counters - keep clean, fresh water near you everywhere you go! 




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A message from the manufacturer:

With increasing spread of COVID-19, Michigan's governor has released an executive order to stay-at-home. This order is for three weeks effective beginning 3/24/2020 ending 4/14/2020.

To help protect our employees and our community, our administrative team will begin working remotely and our warehouse staff will be working within the Michigan Work Share guidelines. Our goal is to operate to the best of our abilities during this period of time.

We will still be taking orders, answering customer and technical service calls. However, please be understanding that there WILL be delays in processing, fulfillment and shipment of orders.

We appreciate your business here at Propur and thank you in advance for your patience and consideration.

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