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Propur Wire Stand - Traveler

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Convenient 5" tall wire stand for use with Propur Traveler Systems.

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Need a way to hold your Propur? This wire stand is the perfect way!

Our Propur water filtration systems that are available in the Infowars Store are the perfect way to guarantee that you get fresh, clean filtered water every day to avoid the fluoride and other toxins in the water. But they can be bulky and hard to place in an area of easy access. That's why we're happy to introduce the wire stand for the Traveler Propur Water Filtration System!

This wire frame works perfectly in making sure you have easy access to your newly filtered water. The stands are 5" tall and are a convenient and easy way for you to savely elevate your Propur Traveler water filtration system unit. The stand makes it easy for anything to place a mug or glass under the spigot without having to move the whole unit to the edge of your counter or table. The traveler version of the wire stand works great for on the go access to your fresh, filtered water every day. 

Buy now to make your Propur Traveler easier to use, and to support Alex Jones and the Infowars Store in the battle against tyranny! 

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