Roger Stone's Rules: How To Win At Politics, Business, And Style

Roger Stone's Rules: How To Win At Politics, Business, And Style

Fashionable, charming, experienced, powerful - Roger Stone's Rules provide the rules of engagement from the man himself to help you take advantage of your environment and navigate the rough-and-tumble experiences of business, finance, politics, social engagement, family affairs, and life itself.

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        From the Infowars Studio and his award-winning documentary "Get Me Roger Stone", Roger Stone is a powerhouse in poitics. With years of experience as a pundit, campaign operative and professional provocateur, he has plenty of lessons he's ready to teach you. Providing his wisdom on everything from his impeccable fashion to the perfect marinara to what makes a good campaign, this is truly a must have book. 

        Read as Roger Stone tells all about his political experience and provides his rules of engagement for his fast paced life. From stories to how-tos and secret recipes, Stone's Rules i sthe perfect choice for anyone looking for advice about business, politics, social engagement, family affairs, and life itself. 

        There's something in here for everyone. Break free and learn how to take advantage of the cycle for yourself with Stone's Rules by Roger Stone! 



At long last, America’s most notorious political operative has released his operating manual!

A freedom fighter to his admirers, a dirty trickster to his detractors, the flamboyant, outrageous, articulate, and extraordinarily well-dressed Roger Stone lays out Stone’s Rules―the maxims that have governed his legendary career as a campaign operative for four American presidents, from Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump.

As a raconteur, pundit, prognosticator, and battle-scarred veteran of America’s political wars, Roger Stone shares his lessons on punking liberals and playing the media, gives an inside look at his push to legalize marijuana, details how much "linen" to show at the cuff of an impeccably-cut suit, lays out how and why LBJ orchestrated the murder of JFK, and reveals how to make the truly great marinara sauce that is the foundation of Stone’s legendary Sunday Gravy.

Along the way, Stone dishes on the "cloak and dagger" nitty-gritty that has guided his own successes and occasional defeats, culminating in the election of the candidate he first pushed for the presidency in 1988, Donald J. Trump.

First revealed in the Weekly Standard by Matt Labash and commemorated by CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, the blunt, pointed, and real-world practical Stone’s Rules were immortalized in the Netflix smash hit documentary Get Me Roger Stone―part Machiavelli's The Prince, part Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, all brought together with a highly-entertaining blend of culinary and sartorial advice from the Jedi Master of political dark arts.

From "Attack, attack, attack!" inspired by Winston Churchill, to "Three can keep a secret, if two are dead,” taken from the wall of mob boss Carlos Marcello’s headquarters, to Stone’s own “It is better to be infamous than to never have been famous at all,” Roger Stone shares with the world all that he’s learned from his decades of political jujitsu and life as a maven of high-style. From Stone’s Rules for campaign management to the how-to’s of an internet mobilization campaign to advice on custom tailoring to the ingredients for the perfect martini from Dick Nixon's (no-longer) secret recipe, Stone has fashioned the truest operating manual for anyone navigating the rough-and-tumble of business, finance, politics, social engagement, family affairs, and life itself.

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