Damascus and Camel Bone Bowie Knife

Damascus and Camel Bone Bowie Knife

Solid, sturdy and portable, this easy to use Bowie Knife will get the job done whenever you need it!

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   Every man needs to know where his knife is. It is the most important part of any EDC, next to a wallet and phone. It's the perfect hiking companion, around the house tool, and personal defense option.

   This high-quality Damascus Steel and Camel Bone knife is sure to be stylish and useful in any situation that needs it. Coming with a case and option for hanging it, it can stow perfectly in your car, at home or in your EDC for convenience and function. 

   If you’re familiar with Damascus steel knives, you already understand — in the hundreds of years since they were invented, modern knives have hardly come close.

   The original method of crafted Damascus steel was lost in the 16th century, and modern knife makers have spent their careers creating their own approach to creating it.

   The modern Western way of creating Damascus steel is also called pattern-welded steel, made by layering multiple steel and sometimes iron elements, forging them together by hammering it at a high temperature. The end result is more strongly bound than regular steel.

   This is the perfect option for anyone looking to gift a friend or loved one their very first knife!

   Measures at 12 x 2" for the whole knife, 7 1/2" for just the blade.

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