Trigger Warning T-Shirt

Trigger Warning T-Shirt

Do you want to trigger leftists and show your support for the Second Amendment at the same time? Then the Infowars "Trigger Warning" shirt is perfect for you!

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Trigger Liberals Everywhere You Go

    It's time you show the world a real trigger warning. Professional victims claim the need for trigger warnings everywhere to protect their sensitive feelings - on everything from books to movies, games, shirts and more. Show the world that you don't care if it gets offended with the Infowars "Trigger Warning" shirt! Show the liberals that you're not afraid of their identity politics and will gladly represent your second amendment rights with this clever design from Alex Jones!

     The shirt features a smooth and comfortable material with a black background and has the traditional warning sign label with the inner workings of a trigger in the middle. Underneath, the words "Trigger Warning" prominantly feature on the shirt to warn any crybaby liberals that you support your right to bear arms! Additionally, the popular Infowars flag logo is on the center back of the shirt to help you find your fellow patriots and Infowarriors. 

     Don't let the liberals and social justice warriors force you to restrict your language. Buy the Infowars "Trigger Warning" shirt today to show your support for the Second Amendment and Free Speech!

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