One Time $50 Donation

One Time $50 Donation
Send a $50 donation to the Infowars Crew to grow our operation.
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We appreciate your support for the Infowar! Donations are also available in 25, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 dollar increments!   

It's been 20 years since we first started Infowars, and it's only grown stronger.

Now we are trying to build off the support of our fellow Infowarriors in taking the fight for the minds of our fellow Americans against the Deep State to the next step. Together, we are going to launch syndicated television shows on satellites across North America to spread the word about the globalist tyrannical threat and free the minds of our fellow patriots. But to fully achieve that, we need your help.

Please stand with us in the fight for the truth and for liberty in the Infowar by purchasing something one of our highly vetted products at the Infowars Store or making a donation to the team so that we can bring the truth to the people on a much larger scale. Like all purchases made in the store, donating towards the Infowars Crew and Team will funnel directly into our operation, giving us the potential to grow stronger than ever before. 

Thank you fellow Infowarriors! 

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