Laser Engraved Custom Gun Rails, By AR Customs

Laser Engraved Custom Gun Rails, By AR Customs
Practically, tactically and aesthetically there is simply no comparison. Not only are custom gun rail products a great way to identify your gun from others, it is also a fun way to express yourself without permanently altering your weapon.
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Laser Engraved Aluminum Custom Gun Rail

5 Best Selling Designs

Dont Tread On Me Lazer Engraved Gun RailDefend The Republic Laser Engraved Gun RailInfowars Molon Labe Laser Engraved Gun Rail2nd Amendment Large Laser Engraved Gun RailInfowars Logo Large Laser Engraved Gun Rail

Custom guns rails Laser Engraved Aluminum (LEA) rail covers are made of high strength, abrasion and solvent resistant thermoplastic bonded with a hardcoat anodized, laser engraved aluminum insert. The anodization process prevents the image from chipping, cracking or peeling.

They are secured on your rail using two side tension screws that apply pressure to two locking tabs (we throw in an allen wrench with every order)

  • There is absolutely no metal to metal contact. This prevents heat transference and prevents damage to the rail.
  • The small LEA’s measure 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" and weigh about 11 grams (that’s about as much as two nickels).
  • The large LEA's measure: 1 3/8" x 2 3/4" (35mm x 70mm). and weigh about 17 grams (that’s about as much as three nickels). 
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

The patent pending snap on/slide on clamp allows you to easily place your CGR rail guard anywhere there is space available without having to remove position sensitive accessories. All CGR products have been designed for placement flexibility, minimum obstruction and unparalleled durability. They fit on any mil-spec 1913 rails, including paintball and airsoft guns. No CGR products exceed 1/4" height above the top of your rail preventing interfering with other accessories.

Laser Engraved Gun Rails

AR Customs Patent Pending “Snap and Set” rail clamping technology affords the user maximum placement flexibility, thereby not committing your CGR product to a particular weapon or position.

Their products have been deployed with Special Ops and conventional units all over the world and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. AR Custom products are the weapons customization industry standard for everyone from the serious weapons enthusiast and operator to the occasional shooter.

About AR Customs


                 AR Customs is currently located in Cedar Park, Texas and is a small business striving harder than ever to make a name in the industry that will be around for many years. Their focus is on you, the customer, and your satisfaction with thier products.

                AR Customs knew there was a way to better customize and personalize their weapons in a unique way that had never been done before. They researched and tested numerous materials and finishes in order to develop their first creations, the AR Soc and AK Soc. These Patent Pending Socs do just that and allow anyone to personalize their guns in ANY way they choose with ANY design, logo, or image they choose. They can also withstand some serious abuse and should last you many years.

                 At AR Customs, they strive to stay at the top of the market for rifle customization by offering their customers the best quality products at the best possible prices. We at the Infowars Store also are working on many new products with AR Customs and will be making those available as soon as they are ready in the VERY near future. Wear your colors proud! Make Your Gun Stand Out!!

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