The 2016 Presidential Election Collection by Ben Garrison

The 2016 Presidential Election Collection by Ben Garrison
The ultimate coffee table book for patriots!
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The 2016 Presidential Election Collection

An independent cartoonist in Montana known for his strong conservative beliefs and incredible art style, Ben Garrison has been covering the 2016 election and beyond in ways that have been admired across the country! His political cartoons have been seen by millions of people around the world, and tell the truth about the petty politics and difficulties of the political world. The book contains 113 color cartoons that help explain the 2016 presidential election in a way that goes over the Main Stream Media's analysis and shows what really happened for our President Donald Trump. If you love Hillary and hate Trump, this book is not for you.

However, if you're a freedom loving patriot that supports Trump or traditional liberty values, then Ben Garrison's 2016 Presidential Election Collection is the perfect book and conversations starter! A great coffee table read, and more fun every time you read it, Ben Garrison has brought together his collection of full color political cartoons to spread the truth, and now you can own the special collection that covers the 2016 Presidential campaign victory that rocked the world!

Fighting against the Deep State and supporting liberty, Ben Garrison is the perfect patriot of choice for political cartoons that you like to read. You can find his cartoons at for updates on his continued work, and to see if he has any other updates for other books to add to your collection! 

Every purchase you make supports both Alex Jones and the Infowars Crew and Ben Garrison, and will show your support for Alternative Media that can defeat the Main Stream Media's tyranny and lies to bring the truth to the people. Buy Ben Garrison's 2016 Presidential Election Collection now to add it to your collection before it's too late! 

About the author:

In 2009, Ben began drawing cartoons to protest the banker bailout and America's dysfunctional and immoral system of money as well as raise awareness of the growing police state in America. His cartoons have been seen by millions all around the world. For years Ben was the most trolled cartoonist in the world until he reclaimed his own voice through persistent publicity on social media. Ben is a Libertarian who drew many cartoons that supported Ron Paul's run for the presidency.

Ben Garrison published a book in April, 2015 titled, "Rogue Cartoonist," in which he features a short biography, his cartoons and the internet perils he faced when a legion of trolls began attacking him in an attempt to ruin his reputation.

Since the book's publication, Ben has appeared on many radio and podcast broadcasts. His work as been 'retweeted' by many prominent media personalities including James Woods, Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, Ann Coulter and Stefan Molyneux. His cartoons can be seen at

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