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     Containing two of our best-selling products, the Infowars Life Strength and Recovery Combo is here to help you maximize your workout and support your overall health and wellness. For both pre and post-workout, the Infowars Life Strength and Recovery Combo contains Alpha Power, the powerhouse testosterone support formula, and Bodease, our incredible turmeric whole body support formula

It’s Time To Show Them What A Real Alpha Male Looks Like!

We've recently changed the bottle that our powerhouse formula, Alpha Power, is shipped in. Don't worry - you're still getting the same amount, but the bottle weighs less and is easier to ship! Same great formula, brand new bottle.

While the rest of the liberal world cries and gets weaker, the Infowarriors and Patriots of the world know that it takes real vitality to push back in the fight against the globalist agenda. That’s why the Infowars crew sought to make an even more powerful and effective vitality formula to help boost your testosterone levels* and increase your energy*. With the new Alpha Power from Infowars Life, you’ll discover what it feels like to be an alpha male all over again!

Here are just a few things that the all new Alpha Power formula might do for you:

  • Help increase energy and reduce fatigue *
  • Boost sports performance to further your game *
  • Assist in healthy weight levels to help you boost your metabolism *
  • Help maintain normal high free testosterone levels in men *
  • Support healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels already in the normal range *
  • Encourage hormonal balance, healthy cortisol levels, prostate health, and even helps improve sleep quality *
  • Enhances libido and boosts healthy alpha pheromones *

         As men age, their testosterone levels begin to decline after 30 by an average rate of about 1 to 2% each year. While we can’t beat time, we can improve our testosterone and boost our ability in sports, performance and energy!

You can boost your body!

                   With Alpha Power, you can be in charge of your energy again. Alpha Power helps with a large amount of functions for your body to help bring you to the peak of your optimal health. The health benefits range from improved libido and testosterone levels* to a restorative effect that helps you counteract the reduced energy and change in mood* that often comes with time and age.

                        With our powerful set of ingredients, we sought to make the perfect formula for boosting your performance and energy levels* daily. These all-natural and healthy ingredients include:

  • Niacin- An essential B vitamin that helps improve vascular function acting as a vasodilator.
  • Zinc- An essential mineral that promotes men’s health and vitality.
  • LJ100® Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract- A patented extract of tongkat ali that is the most concentrated and potent extract on the market. Eurycoma longifolia is an ancient Malaysian herb that has been used for thousands of years traditionally for fertility and libido in men.
  • Organic Maca Root Concentrate- Maca root has been used for thousands of years by the natives of Peru. The natives used this herb traditionally for fertility by incorporating it into their daily diet
  • Horny Goat Weed leaf and stem- Horny Goat Weed is a traditional Chinese medicine used for centuries in China for Kidney, Liver, and Aphrodisiac support. The herb is named because centuries ago Chinese goat herders found that their goats would get more virile after eating this native weed.
  • Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract- Tribulus terrestris is an ayurvedic herb (also known as Gokshura in India) that has been used traditionally for liver support, fertility aid, and power virility.

All of these ingredients come contained inside of a vegetable capsule. It’s a perfect addition to our Super Male Vitality and Anthroplex formulas, which all work together synergistically to boost your potential!

Don’t fall short on energy in the fight against age and the Deep State – show the world what a true Alpha Male looks like today with Alpha Power! 

LJ100® is the registered trademark of HP Ingredients.


Utilized for thousands of years, turmeric is one of the most studied medicinal herbs today. Hundreds of peer reviewed scientific articles are published every year on the chemistry and therapeutic potential of Turmeric and its active constituents. And now, finally, we’ve found a way to deliver this incredible ingredient to you in an affordable and effective supplement! 

            BodEase from Infowars Life helps deliver the powerful extracts from ingredients like turmeric and black pepper to help boost and support your flexibility, mobility, joint function, immune system and even more! With the potential that turmeric can bring you, BodEase is the perfect answer to whole body support in one easy supplement. *
What Is Turmeric, And What Does It Do?
            Turmeric is an herb that has been used medicinally for thousands of years and is one of the most studied herbal ingredients today. Its therapeutic potential and active constituents have been noted in peer reviewed scientific articles for years! Due to its soothing properties, Turmeric is well-known in traditional herbal medicine. 
            Through modern science, we can bring the bioactive components of turmeric to you in their most potent form! Regular turmeric root from the store contains 1-5% of the active ingredient, curcuminoids. Our super powerful extract used in BodEase contains over 95% of the active ingredients in Turmeric!  
            Because Turmeric contains some of the most powerful antioxidants that have been shown to have a higher antioxidant potential than Vitamin C and Vitamin E, we decided to pair it with other ingredients to make BodEasea true 360 win. BodEase contains 5 other different organic herbs and extracts that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties to work synergistically with Turmeric for full body support. *
What’s Inside The Bottle?
            With BodEase, we at the Infowars team worked hard to make a formula that would take advantage of the true power of turmeric for your body. Our formula is made with the following ingredients: 
·         Turmeric Root Extract (95% Curcuminoids) - Turmeric has been used traditionally in Asia and India for thousands of years as an herbal remedy. Modern science brings us one of the most potent forms available, an extract standardized to contain 95% of turmeric's active ingredients, the curcuminoids, some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants! *
·         Boswellia Serrata Extract - An Ayurvedic herb used traditionally to ease inflammation. Recent studies suggest the active ingredient, Boswellic acids, inhibit a Pro-inflammatory enzyme called 5-lipoxygenase. *
·         Organic Sage Leaf - Sage contains the active ingredient Ursolic acid which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties in recent studies. *
·         Organic Lemon Balm Leaf - Recent studies suggest the oils of lemon balm can inhibit a Pro-inflammatory enzyme called 5- lipoxygenase. *
·         Organic Thyme Leaf - The essential oils in thyme have been suggested by studies to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. *
·         Piperine (From Black Pepper) - Recent studies suggest that Curcuminoids in turmeric and other antioxidants are more optimally absorbed when taken with piperine from Black Pepper. *
These powerful ingredients are contained inside of a vegetable capsule that is sealed with rice bran concentrate for an easy to take and affordable pill! With the power of the ingredients, BodEase can assist your body with: 
·         Joint Support *
·         Mobility Support *
·         Flexibility Support *
·         Inflammation Support *
·         Immune Support *
            For thousands of years, people have been taking advantage of the power of Turmeric. Now, you can too! 
            Grab a bottle of BodEase today to support your body’s functions and feel the true power of all-natural Turmeric. Like all other purchases, this will go directly towards supporting the show, making this a true 360 win! 
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