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Our amazing combination of Silver Bullet, Superblue Toothpaste, Superblue Mouthwash, and our specially designed Power Toothbrush all work perfectly together to protect you with the power of silver. See what it can do for your well-being and try it out today!

Retail: $89.80

Now: $44.90

Savings: $44.90 ( 50% )

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Retail: $89.80

Now: $44.90

Savings: $44.90 ( 50% )

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About Infowars Life Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver

The Infowars Life Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver is finally here following Alex's extensive search for a powerful colloidal silver product that is both free of artificial additives and utilizes high quality processes to ensure for a truly unique product that has applications for both preparedness and regular use. 

Use As Preparedness Survival Silver

Finally, we can now offer you a colloidal silver product that we recommend you add to your preparedness supply as well as your home cabinets. Concentrated to 30 ppm (parts per million) in a pure base of deionized water, this survival silver is the perfect fit for you and your family's routine and emergency supply.

And in addition to developing the Infowars Life Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver with preparedness in mind, the key elements of this product really also come down to its clean nature that is free of toxic artificial additives. 

Working with one of the top colloidal silver manufacturing labs in the United States, where this colloidal silver is both created and bottled, the integral component of the Silver Bullet manufacturing process has to do with the unique protocol that forbids any form of artificial additives or animal proteins during creation. 

Specifically, the Infowars Life Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver is produced using a highly unique electrical process that seeks to create a minute particle size while also focusing in on the stability of these particles -- all without the use of chemical additives that some manufacturers choose to place within their "natural" products. 

Concentrated to 30 ppm, this survival silver has also been reduced to the lowest prices in a convenient dropper bottle to Infowars readers, and is exclusively sold through the Infowars Life store. Add the Infowars Life Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver to your preparedness supply or kitchen cabinet today and support the operation while looking out for your health -- because there's a war on for your body!

Note: We have made the decision to switch to blue colored bottles for this run of Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver. The formula itself has not changed.  

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: International Customers, please check with your country's customs office regarding the import of the products.  As the buyer, you are solely responsible for any import restrictions, prohibited import items, taxes, tariffs, fees and other duties.

 Silver Bullet now ships from a separate warehouse via USPS. You will receive an email once a shipping label has been created for your order.

 About Superblue Floride-Free Toothpaste and Mouthwash

The groundbreaking toothpaste that features natural oils and ingredients used since Aboriginal and Biblical times to supercharge good oral health and minty fresh breath. 

A Groundbreaking Fluoride-Free Formula 

Instead of containing fluoride, Superblue Fluoride-Free products are loaded with 'the good halogen' iodine and an array of other beneficial compounds that have been hand-selected for their oral health benefits. 

In working with our team of dentists and formulation scientists, it was essential that Supeblue Products contained these natural ingredients:

Xylitol – Championed by many oral health experts worldwide, xylitol may help support the natural health and normal remineralization of teeth. Low levels of xylitol are found naturally in the fibers of some fruits and vegetables like berries and mushrooms. 

Nano Silver – Every tube of Infowars Life™ Super Blue Fluoride-Free Toothpaste™ is infused with high quality nano silver.

Iodine – In addition to its role as an essential mineral that supports thyroid health and well-being, iodine was specifically chosen by our team of dental experts as one of the primary ingredients in Super Blue Fluoride-Free Toothpaste™ for its many benefits in supporting good oral health. 

Betaine – Derived naturally from beets, betaine is also known as trimethylglycine (TMG) and helps the body metabolize  an amino acid called homocysteine. Our dental experts hand picked betaine for its many notable functions in supporting natural health. 

Peppermint Oil – Used since Biblical times, peppermint is a hybrid mint cross between watermint and spearmint that is well known for its fresh aroma. 


About Mouth Watchers Power Toothbrush

The Mouth Watchers Antimicrobial Power Toothbrush offers a unique 3D Action while the revolutionary antimicrobial dual layer flossing bristles reach into areas untouched by prior toothbrushes for a deep cleaning. The gentle oscillations leave teeth and gums feeling just as clean as after a professional dental cleaning.

  • The revolutionary Flossing Bristles operate at 5,000 oscillations per minute with up and down motion.
  • Bed of thicker bristles for extra stability and power.
  • The advanced Flossing Bristles™ brush away cavity and gingivitis causing food and plaque build up by accessing:
    • The central fossa area of a tooth (the central region with ridges and grooves where 90% of cavities occur)
    • Periodontal pockets (between the gum and tooth)

2 AA Battery operated. Not included.

*Antimicrobial silver technology reduces bacteria buildup on bristles to keep them clean. It does not eliminate bacteria in the mouth, and does not protect the user from germs or against disease.


3 Great Reasons To Buy The Super Silver Special

  • Nano Silver – Every Infowars Life™ Superblue Fluoride-Free product is infused with high quality nano silver.
  • Antimicrobial silver technology in our Power Toothbrush reduces bacteria build up on bristles to keep them cleaner for longer.
  • Concentrated to 30 ppm (parts per million) in a pure base of deionized water, Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver is the perfect fit for you and your family's routine and emergency supply.!
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