One Time $25 Sponsorship

One Time $25 Sponsorship

Unlike the Main Stream Media and other big tyrannical organizations, we aren't sponsored by the globalists. We're sponsored directly by you! 

Your sponsorship will go directly to supporting the Infowars Crew doing what they do best - fighting against tyranny and revealing the truth while paving the way for Alternative Media around the world. 

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We appreciate your support for the Infowar!

With your support, we've grown incredibly fast over the last 20 years.

But we're not finished fighting against the Main Stream Media and global tyranny yet. We're launching syndicated television shows across North America and the world to wake up our fellow patriots and American citizens and spread the truth about the Globalist agenda. With your help, we can fight against those who intend to do us harm!

We purposefully refuse to air outside ads because we want to spend all of our time spreading the truth and working with our fellow Infowarriors to keep freedom and liberty at home in the U.S. That's why it's important that we're able to fund our operation with the outstanding products that we offer in this store. 

Please join us in this cause to liberate the minds of North Americans and sponsor us with what you can so that we can spread the word on an exponentially larger scale. With your support by buying these great products or sponsoring us, we can spread the truth over the airwaves and block out the lying MSM.

Thank you, fellow Infowarriors. 

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