Tactical Walls Single Pistol Concealment Shelf

Tactical Walls Single Pistol Concealment Shelf

Tactical Walls Single Pistol Concealment Shelf - keeping your home secure and stylish!

Need something for your rifle instead? Get the Rifle Length Concealment Shelf!   

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Defend your home in style with this Pistol Length Tactical Wall Concealment Shelf!

     When the worst case scenario becomes reality, it pays to be prepared. Installing one of Tactical Walls' pistol length shelves is a powerful first step towards being ready for anything. Place this shelf in any area that is readily accessible to have access to your concealed firearm whenever and wherever you need it. Your secret is safe with you, as you must use the supplied key to disengage the lock and access your home defense weapon. 

     The bottom half of the shelf smoothly lowers with the assistance of a pnuematic strut. The foam-lined hidden compartment hides your preffered pistol in comfort and style for easy acess and removal in a 12"LX8"W space. Our medium-density poly urethane foam inside can be inserted, adjusted ,or customized to accomodate preffered items or your specific pistol. Simply cut out the shapes, remove the self-adhesive backing, and plac eon the compartment to create your perfect concealed carry shelf. 

     Installation is as easy as hanging any common shelf, and the hand crafted design brings style and flexibility to your home. Maximum hold weight is 10lbs on the inside and 10lb on the top, and the shelf comes pre-assembled. Paired with other Tactical Wall items, your home can be an arsenal of self defense today! 

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