The Anti-Fascist and Anti-Communist Shirt!

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This is a "limited edition" shirt designed to trigger the left this November and beyond!  

The Anti-Fascist and Anti-Communist StickerMATCHING 3" STICKER INCLUDED

Retail: $19.95

Now: $4.95

Savings: $15.00 ( 75.19% )

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Retail: $19.95

Now: $4.95

Savings: $15.00 ( 75.19% )

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Wake Up America! This Is The Real Threat To Democracy

Show the world that you know the TRUE meaning of Anti-Fascist with this new Infowars Anti-Fascist and Anti-Communist T-Shirt! Antifa threatens American lives daily, making terrorist like actions and claims while the Main Stream Media ignores their crimes. That's why it's our job to show the public who the real threat is.

You Are The Resistance

With this design, you can show the world that you know how to be a real patriot and activist. The shirt features a mock of the "Antifa" logo with the phrase "Anti-Fascist and Anti-Communist" on the top, as well as "" on the bottom of the logo. In the middle of the logo, the American Flag and the Don't Tread On Me flag fly free. It also features the popular Infowars Flag logo on the sleeve.

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Infowars Dogs Official Troller for November 04, 2017


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