The Complete Guide To Edible Wild Plants

The Complete Guide To Edible Wild Plants
Survive and thrive in the outdoors.
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Nothing is more important for the outdoorsman than being prepared to survive in the wild, and the ability to recognize edible plants is an indispensable way to do so.  When survival is the chief objective, often plants are one's best (and only) source of nutrition and medicine.  The key is being familiar with their botanical structure, where to find them, and which will provide the most sustenance.  Equally as important is knowing which are potentially poisonous or fatal if consumed. 

Originally created for use by U.S. Army personnel, The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants is a full-color reference to plants both common and rare, from purslane to the prickly pear.  Inside are details on how to locate, identify, and prepare edible wild plants, as well as information on their specific nutritional benefits and other handy uses.  This guide also includes a section on which plants to avoid and how to test for edibility. 

A no-nonsense survival aid, this book is an essential guide for serious adventurers and the armchair botanist alike. 
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