The Magic Of Gun Control

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Realize the dangers cloaked within the policies of gun control.

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It has become an epidemic in America: the knee-jerk reaction to every instance of violence or mayhem is a cry for more gun control. This is an issue that is rarely split along party lines; underneath it all, it is and always has been THE FREEDOM LOVERS vs THE POWER SEEKERS.

The Magic of Gun Control (paperback) by Sheriff Richard Mack examines the constitutional, historical, and foundational basis of gun control and those leaders who have embraced it. It expresses a practical view of gun ownership and emphasizes the laws and views of those who first wrote the Bill of Rights, which guarantees the right of all law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.

The bottom-line issues related to gun control are:
  • Does gun control reduce crime and thereby make us safer?
  • Does gun control pose any risks to our safety or security?
  • Is gun control lawful and constitutional?
When we honestly come to understand the answers to these three questions, we will see how today's polimagicians and their distractingly beautiful assistants, the mainstream media, create elaborate performances designed to fool us into giving up the one freedom that will allow all other freedoms to be taken away.
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