The Steve Quayle Combo

The Steve Quayle Combo

Get True Legends - The Unholy See DVD and the book, Xenogenesis in an Infowars Store Special: The Steve Quayle Combo 


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Get True Legends - The Unholy See and Xenogenesis in an Infowars Store Special: The Steve Quayle Combo 

About True Legends DVD: 

This full length feature film is packed with explosive content, including: testimony from an active duty pilot who handled and transported the body of a dead giant killed by U.S. Military operatives in the caves of Afghanistan; evidence of a vast subterranean world hidden beneath the surface of the earth; further proof that the megaliths belonged to the Pre-Flood Age; never-before revealed information concerning Zecharia Sitchin and the Anunnaki; and the unmasking of the Church of Rome, and the Vatican’s secret plan to resurrect the Golden Age and welcome from heaven the return of the ancient gods. 

About Xengenesis:

Xenogenesis is a new book by Steve Quayle which reveals a future of terror that will soon face human beings

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