Tyranny Response Team Hat

Tyranny Response Team Hat
Great conversation starters and for rallies and special events.
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   Don't just stand by and watch the globalists and deep statists subject our world to tyranny, join our tyranny response team! This hat, along with the Tyranny Response Team Shirt are great at indicating to your fellow patriots and Infowarriors around you that you're ready for the fight against tyranny, and are willing to keep a watchful eye on behalf the citizens of the United States.

   The hat is a one size fits all size, and comfortably sits on your head to show the world that you know the truth and stand ready. A dark blue color with the Tyranny Response Team logo on the front and back, and the Infowars.com logo on the back as well. The latch on the back is a metal slider latch which provides comfort and flexibility. 

   Additionally, every purchase made in the Infowars Store goes on to support Infowars and the fight for Alternative Media in the Media Revolution against the Main Stream Media! 



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