Washington, You're Fired!

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Nothing is taboo in this disturbing look at the dark side of government.

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New from the director of Beyond Treason and One Nation Under Siege.

Washington, You're Fired! was born out of sheer frustration with abuses in our current political system and it gives a voice to Americans across the country. Producers Lewis and Abel trailed their way across the United States on an expedition to pull together the thoughts and requirements that everyday Americans have for their political representatives in Washington, D.C. The results were staggering and their stories are moving.

The American people know in their hearts that a problem exists in our current political structure and their solutions are simple, direct and honest. Washington, You're Fired! captures the spirit and zest of an old-fashioned Boston Tea Party and captivatingly delivers the audience an education into legislation that will affect them and generations of Americans to come.

What if every e-mail, every phone call or every time you surfed the Internet your private communications were being siphoned into a gigantic dragnet funded by a $45 billion budget and carried out in cooperation with the FBI, AT&T and Verizon? Washington, You're Fired! presents compelling first-hand testimony and whistleblower accounts, punching holes in the official war on terrorism excuse that has been used to dismantle the U.S. Bill of Rights and tip the scales of executive checks and balance in this country.

From the mismanagement of Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts and law enforcement abuses to the wrongful imprisonment and torturing of legal enemy combatants and misuse of the FBI and NSA, nothing is taboo in this disturbing look at the dark side of government.

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