Who Really Killed Kennedy?

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Stunning New Revelations About The JFK Assassination.

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In Who Really Killed Kennedy? (hardcover, 375 pages) author Jerome R. Corsi PH.D (a frequent guest of the Alex Jones Show) delivers stunning new revelations about the JFK assassination. Even 50 years after it happened, almost nothing gives rise to more national intrigue than the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  This ground breaking book reveals information that has largely been hidden from the American people since the 1960s.  Meticulously researched and fully documented,Who Really Killed Kennedy? is the definitive source for those truth seekers who wish to truly understand how and why JFK was assassinated. 

In this ultimate guide to the JFK assassination, you will learn about:

  • Ballistic evidence that proves there was more than one shooter.
  • The rarely studied final few frames of the Zapruder film that prove the wound in the back of JFKメs head was an exit wound.
  • Eyewitnesses who saw Oswald in the second floor lunchroom when Dallas police rushed in the building.
  • Two previous attempts to assassinate JFK in November 1963.
  • How Lee Harvey Oswald had extensive ties to the CIA and the KGB, and about his sordid relationship with his murderer, Jack Ruby.
  • How JFK was aware specific plans were being made to assassinate him.
  • How JFK double-crossed Richard Nixon and the CIA to win the election of 1960.
  • The tape-recorded confessions made by Mafia godfathers detailing their involvement in financing and planning the JFK assassination.
  • How JFK lost control of the CIA when he decided to pull the US military out of Vietnam, where top CIA operatives were engaged in drug trafficking.
  • How JFK and Life magazine threatened to derail LBJ's political career.

From day one, the truth behind JFK's assassination has been mired in controversy and dispute. Who Really Killed Kennedy? provides readers with the ultimate JFK assassination theory book. One-by-one, each chapter will examine the strongest arguments regarding the killing of JFK, including theories surrounding the mob, the CIA, Cuban radicals, LBJ, right-wing extremists and much more.

By book's end, Who Really Killed Kennedy? will provide convincing analysis that existing evidence rules out the possibility that JFK was killed by a lone assassin. Fifty years after this epic American tragedy, there's still a gunman on the loose.

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